Christmas In July-the unboxing!

A few months ago, I signed up for Christmas In July. I barely made the deadline, but I am so glad I made it in last minute. This was such a fun experience and I had so much fun shopping for my partner. I was paired with Jen from Dexter Morgan's Mama and when I got my box in the mail, I jumped for joy and immediately started tearing apart my box. Jen put the perfect things in my box and I couldn't thank her more. It truly was Christmas in July!!  

Here's what the fabulous laday got me!

There was sooo much candy in this box! 
The sad thing is, it's almost all gone. 
I'm an addict.

Nail Polish
She gifted me three different nail polish, all of which I love.
I'm a nail polish whore and always love getting more. 
I can't wait to try these beautiful colors out!

It's like she red my mind with this one.
I've wanted to take up knitting and refresh my brain
 on how to do it again. Love these colors and can't wait
to jump right in. Winter scarfs, here I come!

Nail File
She also got me this adorable nail file with little Scottish Terriors on it. 
I'm always in need of these.

Cat Figure
This was a favorite in my box. It's hard to show in the picture
but it's a little cat figure with a nose and a tail. So cute.
His new home is on my windowsill. 

And after all the goodies I opened this card to find 
the sweetest note from her. :)

Jen also got my kitties some cat toys which they instantly took from me when they saw the feathers. They thank you a ton Jen! I want to give Jen a HUGE thank you for the box, I loved it. I'm so happy I signed up for Christmas in July. If it held next year, I'm totally in! 

Happy Wednesday everyone!


JJ said...

oh my goodness. I sent the wrong nail file. WHOOPS! I had one with kitties for you on it. Dang it. I will mail the kitty one to you.

kimberly rae said...

wow! you really made out!! love all of this stuff! this was such a fun swap! :)

Leanna Vera said...

I love the looks like it will make some beautiful scarves!

Tiffanie A said...

You made out great!

Alyx said...

wow, what a fun box!! Thanks so much for participating and linking up!

Ariel Tyler said...

Such an awesome project! Looks so fun!

Shane Prather said...

Dang girl you got spoiled rotten :)

xo Shane

Suzie Q said...

What a fun concept! Cute items that you got =) Your blog is lovely!

Suzie Q
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Lucia said...

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