If I had a farm...

Recently I've been into dreaming up my future home. Pinterest is a big help in this dreaming and I've found out that my future dream home will have to have like three extra rooms that are specifically for crafting and blogging. I have a lot of ideas that can't fit into one single room, alright?!

Along with my three crafting studio rooms, in my backyard I want a farm. Maddie over at Thriftary is not only one of my favorite blogs to stalk read, she and her husband also built their own chicken coop in their backyard. Can you guess who's completely jealous of this. Yeah, me! If only my mother would allow it. I really need to move out.

I've also recently been watching a lot of vegetarian documentaries like Vegucated and it's really broken my heart to see how animals are treated in factories. People really suck these days, but I can't say much because I'm one of those people who supports these factories by buying their products. I told Chris that I just need my own farm and raise my own animals so I know exactly how they are being treated. Go watch that documentary right now, it really opens your eyes to a lot of things.     

Anywho, today I'm taking you on an adventure into my future. So enjoy this lovely walk through of my one day farm... 

If I had a farm....
I would have sheep that would eat my grass so I never had to mow it. They would be the cutest sheep ever, unlike the man eating ones from Black Sheep (not referencing the one with Jack Black). 1000 points to you if you do know which one I'm talking about. 

I would have a goat named Billy to be a friend to my sheep. 

On my farm, I would have a couple pink pigs that would roll around in mud and make funny noises with their noses. They would stay the perfect size and not get huge like some of those pigs you see on farms.

And like Maddie, I would build my own chicken coop. It probably won't be has cute and quaint as this one, but it'll be pretty darn close. They would be the happiest chicken's alive. 

Lastly, on my farm I would have a cow. I would name her Annabelle after a pretty awesome children's Christmas movie and she would have overly large ears that aren't proportionate to her head.  

And that my friends is what my farm would like. Realistically, I'll probably only end up with a chicken coop in my backyard, but that's okay. Having my own chickens is my number one priority for my farm. Annabelle, you're going to have to wait. 



Brittany said...

I believe in your dream :) The pigs are a must!

Shannon said...

Seriously, we live parallel lives! I want a farm, too!!!!!!

Lets make this happen. B-)


madisonshedd said...

I would like to come visit your farm! It sounds so wonderful! Especially all the cute little sheep!


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