Sleepy Kitty

Ever since Patches passed away several months back, my bedroom hasn't had many visits from the feline kind. The upstairs was always Patches' domain and the other cats rarely went up there. I don't even think they knew there was a whole second floor to the house.

However, now that Patches isn't here to protect his territory and chase off any unwanted visitors, the other cats have finally been venturing out further into the house.

Side note:
Funny story about chasing off unwanted visitors... the first time Mom decided to put a Christmas tree upstairs, Patches was so excited. He would sit under that tree day and night, happy as can be. Of course, the other cats didn't want him to have all the fun under the tree and one day Ashes decided he wanted to sit under their too.

Hell to the no, is exactly what I imagined Patches saying to him when he sat under that tree. Patches gave him one good whack on the face and chased him back downstairs. Now, don't think Patches was a mean cat (he was sweeter than honey) but don't mess with a cat's Christmas tree. That shit won't go well for you.

end story.

So, now the upstairs is unclaimed and the two others are free to make their trips up and down without being attacked. Recently, they've claimed my room as their new sleeping head quarters. Why? I don't know! I found this precious little grey ball snuggled up in the blankets this weekend and decided to snap some pictures before she knew what I was doing.

Everyone meet Snickers. 
We thought she was a boy until one day she came home spayed instead of neutered. 
She's okay with it. 



Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

OMG. Kitty adorb overload!

Amanda k. said...

Haha, cats are so funny. I only have one, but sometimes I wish he had a little kitty playmate. But who knows, maybe he would hate having another cat around! Hah. Snickers is so cute, those eyes are beautiful!

Helen said...

aww so cute, lovely crisp pictures too

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