Me, myself and more facts

Today I'm linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants for a pretty fun fact post. I have some newer readers that probably don't know much about me, unless they have memorized my about me page. If so, good for you Glen Cocoa. The "about me" page is usually the first thing I click on when I visit a new blog. I love reading facts about people so hopefully you do to, otherwise this post is a complete waste of your time. 
I'm beautiful in all the right ways. 
Fact: I drink more water than anyone else. I probably drink an ocean amount of water per day. I don't know what it is, I'm always thirsty and always need a glass of water. I wasn't always like this, so obviously I have some weird 'my body can't absorb water' disease. 
Fact: I have a small shopping addiction. It's quite hard for me to save money because I always find something that I want. I usually am pretty good about not going over board, but sometimes I wish I was like Chris and could go weeks without buying anything. 
Porcupine Mountains 2008
Fact: I love camping. In fact, it is the greatest thing about my summers. I love getting out into the woods with my family and sleeping in a tent. Backpacking is also a great love of mine. I don't get to do it as often as I like, but hopefully that'll change. It will definitely become a tradition when I have my own family. 
Fact: I'm a hoarder. Not like the TLC show Hoarders bad, but I have 2 closets full of crap that I probably don't really need. I'm especially bad with craft supplies, like glass jars or any type of container, I'll keep it, because I feel one day I might need it for a project. 
Fact: I love picture frames. They excite me like a child on Halloween. I wish I had more shelving in my room to accommodate my picture frame addiction. When I own a house someday, pretty much every wall is going to be like one of those picture frame galleries you see on Pinterest.  
Fact: I fell off of a horse when I was about 12. It wasn't anything special. Me and my cousin were riding at my grandmas and the horse didn't fell like having me on it's back anymore so it took off and I fell off. I wasn't riding with a saddle so all I had to hold onto was the horse's hair and my leg muscles. 
Fact: I hate shopping on the weekends. Sometimes I have to, but most times I'll do it during the week right when the stores open. This is like prime time shopping time. No offense to the elderly, but it is so nice shopping with them, because I can just rush past them and get my shit done. I disgrace stores that are jammed packed with people. It takes me a while to pick things out and I hate it when someone is standing next to me wanting to get the same item but refuses to ask me to move and just huffs and puffs until I leave the section. Woah, that turned into a rant. 
picture quality = 0
Fact: I'm dating a ridiculously handsome man, who likes to sip on juice boxes. He's the bee's knees I tell ya. 
Fact: I think hippos are super cute. If I had a big enough back yard to build my own lake, I would consider throwing some hippos in there too. 
That's all folks! Head on over to Whitney's blog to view everyone else's weird facts! It'll take up a whole afternoon, don't say you weren't warned. 


Natalie Hinkley said...

I am a hoarder of craft supplies too! That is too funny with the juice box :)

Taylor said...

I drink ridiculous amounts of water, too! Everyone makes fun of me because I always need at least one bottle of water with me at all times. If not, I go nuts. I'm always thirsty!

Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

I'm working on my post now! I love these. I WISH I drank tons of water. I could go a whole day with not drinking anything and not even notice.

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

I am a hoarder too! Especially of craft supplies and such. My fiance hates it! haha. I cannot go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

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