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Have any of you ever heard of the amazing band, Needtobreathe? They are my all time favorite hippie, rock, folk band of all time. Three small town boys from South Carolina that have god-worthy voices. Anywho, they've had countless tours over the past few years and I always miss them, because no one I know enjoys their music. I sometimes believe this is Nicki Minaj's fault. Their playing this year in Minnesota and Illinois and I might just have to drag Chris along.

This one has always been my favorite. It just makes me you want to play a banjo. Play it while you read about the awesome gals down below!


I have some very sweet ladies taking over with some of their goals that they wish to succeed in 2013. Head on over to the sidebar to check them out. 

Up first, we have the very sweet, Veronica! 

1. Love other the way Christ calls us to.
2. Learn to be a leader in my church in the adult realm. I've served with kids for so long, it's like a whole new world to me. 
3. Create more time to have fun and do my crafts. 

Up next, we have Tyler with her very successful goals! 

1. Move up the corporate ladder at the company I work for.
2. Save money towards a down payment on a house. 
3. Get better at cooking. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, we have the very talented and beautiful Shannon! 

1. Dedicate a lot of time to my new business. I really hope for this to be my "real" job in the next few years. 
2. Eat less junk. I really want to make a conscious effort to eat better. 
3. Go on a date with my boyfriend, Aaron, once a week. I don't care it it's a walk around the neighborhood, a bike ride, lunch, or a coffee date! I just want to set aside special time for the two of us to spend together. 

Thanks guys for sharing your goals with everyone today! I hope it get everyone motivated to start their own goals for the year! Good luck everyone :)



Amanda Schroeder said...

I actually REALLY enjoy their voices. Thanks so much for sharing them with me. Instead of being like, "WHY DOES NOBODY ENJOY THAT," I'm kind of different..and like that they are sort of a secret. Haha. I'm a nerd!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

SO loving that you posted about NEEDTOBREATHE! My husband and I would listen to their entire CD(s) when we go on road trips. One of my favorite bands, can't get enough. Yes, go see them in concert, they're awesome!

Hannah said...

Thanks for the recommendation! Need to check them out!

If you get a chance, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post! xo

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Shannon said...

Ahh Kelly you are too stinkin' sweet (and beautiful, too)! :)

Thanks for making me blush! :)

Have an awesome weekend girl!


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